Currently Addicted To: Upside Down


Whee long time no post! I’ve been busy lately. Also my apps and games haven’t been helping with much of my free time used to playing this and that game. The movies I’ve gotten from friends are also to blame.

Any way, I finally got to watch upside down. It has a unique setting with a romeo and juliet twist. Twin planets spinning and it seems like they exert their own gravitational pull on they’re on matter. So if you belong to one world you can’t cross safely to another.

I think it would have been a great movie if it didn’t feel so rushed. There were points that felt off.

Starting with the laws of double gravity. Apparently if matter that belongs to a world will burn in the other. I was half hoping the nerdy but got male lead actor would end up naked when he visited the other world. Apparently the burning part refers to metals.

Second, the pink pollen that comes from the pink bees that harvest flowsers from both worlds. Wait, bees don’t produce pollen. They sip nectar and create honey. So the pollen they have are just pollen. Maybe the flowers are the ones that are special.

Finally, the ending. It was so vague. So the girl gets pregnant with sperm from the other world. Suddenly she gets to live in another world easily.

Lots of plot holes but the writers may have been going for a romantic angle not a sci fi one.

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