Currently Addicted To: Dragon City Breeding Pure Dragon!

dragon city facebook logo

Dragon City Facebook Splash Picture

I was trying to breed other Legendary Dragons in Dragon City and I got a Pure Dragon! I was breeding a Legendary Dragon and Wind Dragon in my Ultra Breeding Tree and I used boost breeding. It really works!

However, I caution other players since boost breeding isn’t 100%. It only increases your chances. Here’s a picture of my little Pure Dragon right now.

pure dragon egg

My Pure Dragon Egg Currently Hatching!

So excited for my Pure Dragon! I still play Dragon City occasionally. I’m curious at the rate of acquisition for Pure Dragons though. I see that some of my friends don’t have one yet. Is this an extremely rare dragon?

I kind of remembered that the Pure Dragon has been a prize for several mini games in Dragon City so I’m expecting a lot of foreigners, especially Americans to have this dragon. Most of the casual players don’t usually burn cash to get rare dragons.

Anway… Still excited! Dragon City rocks!

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