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To my readers out there, I know you’re used to reading my “current addictions” (or you might be  a fellow Dragon City Addict).

So Globe SUCKS. Really bad. They have a discriminatory “income bracket” when applying for new lines and ironically the bracket is only used if YOU’RE a current subscriber!

I really wanted a plan 1,799 of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I went through 5 days, 4 applications with different conflicting requirements and it SUCKS. Globe sales rep and customer support have Alzheimer’s disease with their ever changing system.

Smart is offering me the same phone, for 2,000 data plan that has 150 minutes and 300 text to ALL NETWORKS. And may I mention that the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is FREE! Yes for FREE.

I just feel sad if I’m going to shift to Smart because I’ve been using Globe since I was 18 years old… My first cellphone had a globe sim card, my family is on globe. Heck if you even count a company, I managed to convince the HR of a big company here in Bukidnon to switch from Smart to Globe just so my Dad could finally contact us.

And this is what I get from Globe, I get discriminated because of my salary. Confusing information from their sales rep and a ridiculous income bracket just for a plan Php 1,799.

I just wish that Philippines had more networks. This monopoly of two networks isn’t good. Take a look at what happened when Sun Cellular started in the Philippines. Globe and Smart were forced to offer unlimited call and text just to match Sun Cellular. (Sun Cell has been acquired by Smart right now)

We need another Sun Cellular to come to kick their arses, especially Globe.




  1. this story of yours is what exactly happened to me a few hours ago, except that it is from Smart not Globe…

    i went over 1 month and a total of 6 application come backs 2 weeks worth of C.I.

    • megalomax Said:

      Thanks for your relpy,

      My point of contention is that they use Manila economy as basis for approving plans which is prejudicial.

      I live in the province, in Bukidnon where my salary of 24,000 a month is already big. Subtracting rent, utilities and basic necessities, I’m left almost 12,000 pesos a month.

      I already got a wimax plan 995. What they wanted was for me to get a salary of 35,000 plus as if it’s THAT easy to ask for a raise or get a new job just to please their idiotic standards. The way their support group handled my application was insulting.

      I should have pushed through with my threat of reporting them but thankfully local globe employees intervened. They do know that my salary would be more than enough to handle a plan 1799 and 995 wimax and I got my phone in less than 3 days after their intervention.

  2. Ang pangit ng Globe Plan they add charges na hindi mo naman ginamit
    Imagine my bill has P500 worth of international text daw eh hindi naman ako nagtetext abroad and if you call their customer service sasabihin nilang no agent available at the moment and plus may mga small charges pa na hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin pero di ko na naitatawag kasi sobrang hustle!

    GLOBE SUCKS nakakainis

    after my 2 year subscription d na ako magplapan sa Globe

    nakakainis talaga

  3. Jecyl Dela Fuente Said:

    Same thing happened to us yesterday. I really wanted to slap her. Because she wanted me to provide an account or any bank statement that says I earn 40,000+. WTF!

  4. […] problem with GLOBE mobile internet and Wimax and their DAMN FUP. Never mind the fact that I had to crawl just to get an UNLIMITED mobile data plan and then suddenly I’m being told that it’s “LIMITED” after […]

  5. abby Said:

    This may be old, but I was also discriminated against. I earn at least 19k but I was not eligible for a 1299 plan. So insulting.

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Hi. Yeah. I’ll be writing a new article about this soon…

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