Currently Addicted To: Precocious Webcomic

precocious meaning

Wow! I can’t believe that I managed to catch up with Precocious by Christopher J. Paulsen! I started reading the Precocious webcomic 2 days ago and I must say I really enjoyed the writing  and drawing style.


The kids are so wacky it’s like Calvin and Hobbes on an all furry destructive level.

The story revolves around the students of Poppinstock Academy for Gifted Children. I’m not talking about gifted with handicaps, they’re really smart in their own way. The characters are anthropomorphic mammals. You have cats, dogs, foxes and I think there are other species too.


Bud in (Click link to meet the Cast)

The main protagonist (sometimes he’s a villain) is Bud. He’s the leader with the big plans. Bud has a very large ego especially if you offer him a badly baked muffin. He explodes with self-righteous fury (reminds me of Jughead and burgers) and will start lecturing the offending adult/bake store on how to bake properly.

The rest of the characters also have their own quirks. There’s a wily fox that pretends to be cute and smart but is actually a great intel researcher aka blackmailer. A somewhat loyal bestfriend that’s usually sacrificed during pranks and scams.

There are all sorts of personalities that might resemble your neighbors, friends and relatives. The humor of Precocious as a webcomic revolves around exaggerating the capabilities of precocious children. I really recommend this webcomic for anyone over 18 though. Especially to adults who might need remembering that they too were children and probably did more things that their children could do. Or probably things that they only know their children do (or something).


P.S. The adults or parents of the Poppinstock students are just as kooky! Bud outwits them by luring them into his expertise which is cooking!

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