Currently Addicted To: Walking Dead Season 3 – A Review of Episodes 1-3

The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-1MILD SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t like to read spoilers! So don’t continue because my post has  some spoilers in it IF you haven’t seen episode 3 which would be highly impossible.

Finally, one of my favorite character (from the Walking Dead comic book series) has finally appeared in the TV series.

michonne walking dead picture

Michonne – Katana wielding Samurai Badass

Michonne really looks like the Michonne of the comic book series. She’s got the right pose and mannerisms though the facial expressions are a bit fiercer than the original.

Walking Dead season 3 has some changes to the story plot. I guess if the director wanted to follow the comic book series, there would be 20 to 30 episodes just for one comic book arc. Michonne’s entrance to the series was a bit more dramatic compared to the comic book series. Her friendship with one of the characters, Andrea might spin off to a deeper relationship.

Still, Walking Dead Season 3 contains the “meat” of the comic book story.  However, the new villain proves to be darker, more evil than the comic book version. It gives me the chills thinking about how a man could smile and have a lot of innocent people murdered.

walking dead season 3 new villain

Rick Grimes – Dignified Looking in the TV Series but Definitely DEADLIER

It looks like Walking Dead Season 3 will be an exciting season and I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to be shown! It’s a great pickup from Season 2 which focused more on character development. Season 3 of Walking Dead rocks with more zombies, villains and survival!


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