Currently Addicted To: WordPress Android App

Wow! I’m amazed at how great the WordPress app is! I’m using my samsung galaxy Y pro in posting this message and so far everything has been

smooth. The qwerty key pad goes well with the interface!

Unfortunately, as you would expect with a lite version of the site, the features are minimal but this is better than the blogger app.

Basic commands like bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough are present. It seems that I add a link without any problems. Linking is basic though, can’t add properties like target, alt or title.

I love the more tag! WordPress really thought about the features that important! Finally, I can also add images!


screenie of my game. perfect!

The wordpress mobile app rocks! Oh, I’m using 3G in posting this so the speed is fine.

Still the app might need a guide of sorts. As I was writing this, I did’t see a post or submit button. Had to click several buttons until I found the back button which brings you to the posting menu.

Future enhancement such as wordcount will be very helpful! Even with the minor lack of features, the wordpress app is still the best blogging app I’ve used. Beats the tumblr app that crashes a lot.

You can download the wordpress mobile app on your phone using the samsung apps or play store. The wordpress app is FREE!

I might be using this more often!


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