Currently Addicted To: Dragon City without Population Limit and Plankton Dragon

I posted a while back that Dragon City removed the Population Limit. I’m kind of happy about it since

dragon city facebook logo

Dragon City Facebook Splash Picture

I really felt that the creators of the game was being greedy.

plankton dragon

The Plankton Dragon

What I’m excited about are the new dragons such as the Plankton dragon.

Unfortunately, in order to get the dragon, you need to play a simple mini game.

For now it’s Guess the Dragon game which can test how well you really know your dragons. The first few tries are easy because they’re using adult dragons. However, the level of difficulty in Dragon City goes up. You will have to guess baby dragons. It’s kind of hard since some baby dragons have no distinct features to differentiate them. You might need to spend some gems to get the right dragon by choosing the “easy mode”.

Dragon city still remains to be one of the most addicting games in Facebook. Second place to Farmville 2 though.


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