Currently Addicted To: Pitch Perfect Trailer

As a glee fanatic, I really like this movie as far as the trailer is concerned. ┬áThis might be the glee movie that I would have liked to watch. However, basing from the trailer, the story doesn’t seem to be expansive. The setting is limited to one school and I haven’t seen evidence that it will be a national venture.

Dialogue wise, I see a lot of witty lines from the actors and actresses. The problem with trailers though is that the funny or best scenes are used and by the time you watch the movie you’ll get disappointed and feel like “that’s it?”.

I did like the mashup they did with Just The way You and one song that I really want to listen too. Unfortunately, the problem with the OSt that I have heard them release, the song seem to be bland except for a few faves of mine. Even the the finals song was very bland. Still, I do hope to get the chance to be able to watch the whole song. Maybe the performances will be better if I see the full performances.


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