Currently Addicted To: Farmville 2

farmville 2Yes I’m still addicted to Farmville 2 and also I stopped playing Dragon City as per what I posted a while back.

So I have a confession to make. I cheated in Farmville 2. Twice.

First cheat I had was when FV2 was still 2 weeks old. The water was so easy to cheat back then. I grew crops 24/7 until it was changed by the game developers. Hehehe The cheat was easy to do with cheat engine, my favorite tool.

The second time I cheated was last week. Let’s just say I got a lot of gold in Farmville 2.

However, I still bought FV2 cash. That’s one thing I’d never cheat. And you can go to jail if you do.

So basically, enjoy the game, have some tweaks but don’t be greedy!

Farmville 2 from zynga rocks!




  1. Dugan Bucket Said:

    You are correct it is a money stealer. Anyone that pays hard earned money to end up wasting many hours of time, under the theory that it is pleasure?.
    I have retired and have lots of time on my hands and can afford to buy the farm bucks, NO WAY..
    I had intentions of just seeing how far I could go before the program blew up. There must be many issues for many people. I retired from the computer industry, in fact worked on the system that allowed internet be in use today. It was called packet loading. It was pushing the envelope then, still are pushing. But now it is not electronics it is MONEY, to bad.


    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Hi, not sure what that. I think casual farming might be possible with farmville 2.

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