Currently Thinking of Changing this Blog and Some Dragon City Updates

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I’m thinking of changing this blog soon into something that’s a bit more flexible. So far I’ve been posting about games that I like, or food that I love or…. you get the picture.

Anyway, update on Dragon City. I stopped playing. I must have spent about hundred dollars or so for the game. I would have spent more so I could get the amazing dragons they have.

Unfortunately, I think the game devs got a little bit greedy. Dragon City currently has a “population limit”. I was outraged when I saw that at my level, I had 70+ dragons but could only take care of 50 dragons. It meant selling off the rest of my dragons just to meet the limit! OR I could pay 20 gems to add 10 to limit, which meant a total of 60 gems just to get my population limit at 80 dragons.

It’s bad enough that I have to open up each island at almost 100 gems each, buy the ultra breeding tree 100 gems and other upgrades needing gems. That’s not even mentioning the carnival, potions games for the unique dragons.

So as a resolution, I stopped playing Dragon City. Technically, I could keep on playing and getting gems from the Coliseum and world battles. But I lost interest when Farmville 2 came out. farmville 2

Anyway, to other Dragon tamers out there, thanks for visiting my blog and my dragon city posts.

If I do get addicted again, I’ll let you know.

As for this blog. I might change it’s format soon.


Ciao, miao ~ C.A.T.

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