Taking a Break with Cybercrime Law

I just read this article from interaksyon.com

Beware: Online libel included in Cybercrime Law

MANILA, Philippines — President Benigno Aquino III has recently signed the cybercrime bill into law, which includes provisions penalizing libel committed online, InterAksyon.com learned Friday.

In a text message, Taguig Rep. Sigfrido Tinga confirmed thatAquino has indeed signed the bill into law on Wednesday. Tinga is the chairman of the House committee on ICT, and one of the proponents of the bill in the lower house.

No official copy of the new law that was actually signed by the President is available as of press time.

Tinga, however, confirmed that a controversial provision, which seeks to penalize libel crimes committed through the Internet, has been included in the final version of the bill.

“As per online defamation, there is no specific [clause] but there is Section 6, which is a catch-all provision which states that all crimes defined and penalized under the revised penal code,” he explained.

The particular clause came from the Senate version of the bill, which was authored by Sen. Edgardo Angara.

The provision was met with contention from various camps that said the particular provision would curtail freedom of expression online.

In the Philippines, libel is a criminal offense. This, despite UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) declaration that the Philippine libel law is excessive and incompatible with international human rights law, in a May 2012 post on the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility website (CMFR-phil.org).


So now, bloggers, twitter users, facebook and other social media users can be held for “online libel” in a vague provision underlined above…

I had so much expectations for this administration but in the end, it turned out to be more corrupt than ever. Oopsie, did I just commit online libel?

God Bless Philippines


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