Currently Addicted To: Farmville 2

Yes I am! The new Farmville 2 game from Zynga is so addicting that I’ve bought FB credits again! The game is in full 3D so it might lag for a lot of computers out there.

But the game experience is fantastic! Zynga took the best features in Farmville the original game and used it in Farmville 2. I really love the crafting of products that you can sell for bigger profit! Also the 3D landscape is awesome and the details on the crops and even animals are superb.

There are also cons to Farmville 2. It’s cash extensive. You can’t progress much if you don’t buy virtual credits and the dollar is kinda steep for Filipinos. You need milk bottles to grow baby animals to adults (strangely you can obtain milk from your first goat but can’t use it). Water is no longer free, you have to wait for it and you only get 30 maximum water and you get 1 water every 3-4 minutes! Feeding is also a drag because food is expensive to produce that requires water, crops and time.

However, if you got a lot of friends sending gifts back and forth and you’ll enjoy the game! In fact, Farmville 2 was meant to be played with friends! Getting help from them means instant growth for you crops. You can ask help in two ways, the first to request their help. The second is when your friend visits and helps. His avatar will be there when you log in and you can activate his help and he’ll feed your animals, make trees grow or fertilize/water crops!

Overall Farmville 2 is a fun game and I won’t hesitate to buy virtual credits (when able) just to support Zynga!

And yes, I do have a Farmville 2 cheat that I discovered. But I won’t be sharing it so Zynga won’t have problems with the game. It’s a sort of bug that I hope they’ll be correcting soon!

EDIT:  My cheat got fixed already. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!



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  1. what Said:

    My mom is totally addicted to farmville. She is on it so much, and even calls her friends to go on at the same time. Today she interrupted me while I was writing an essay so she could harvest her crops.
    So I was wondering if there is any way I can block farmville on facebook or on my computer?
    maybe block the URL?
    I don’t need to know how to block it on my news feed. that’s not going to stop her, and I already know how to do that.


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