Currently Addicted To: Ugly Betty the last Episode

Ugly BettyOkay, I am totally having a separation anxiety syndrome and it’s not easy! If you’re wondering, the picture above is the 2nd to the last second of the last episode of Ugly Betty… I’m having so much trouble realizing that this series has ended! I’m pausing the 41 minutes and 23 seconds clip at 41:22.

In case if you’re wondering why I’m 2 years late, I had a rough time in 2009-2011 where I placed my social life on hold for work. A youtube video, a Mode: After Hours short had me hooked again. I placed an order for a complete DVD set and spent the past week watching Ugly Betty.

A few years ago I was so excited that USA was doing a version of my favorite Colombian romantic sitcom, Yo soy, Betty la fea. The original was funny, witty and gave another refreshing angle to a Cinderalla story. The strongest factor for the show was that the lead actress really looked ugly by standards of other people. She had this curious intellectual naivete.

Then came Ugly Betty from USA. It was so vibrant. I knew it couldn’t replace the original Betty la fea but Salma Hayek and company spun the story line into something really fresh and different. It opened up a lot of worlds and a lot of life situations. In fact one of the strengths of the series was the technical approach of the script. Everything was researched well. It provided an insight into the fashion industry in the eyes of a magazine.

Although, the weakness came from the fact that it took a long time for Betty to develop feelings for Daniel as compared to the original Betty who was perpetually in love with her boss, Armando. I guess that was where the series fell short. It tried to came up with a lot of men for Betty instead of focusing on the secretary-boss relationship. Though the end made up most of what was lacking in the whole season.

Also, USA Ugly Betty didn’t have the friendship of a lot of employees like the original Betty. In Betty la fea, she had several employees looking out for her safety and interests which lead to great comedic scenes. Not that USA Betty was lacking, but her solitude at work may have connected deeply with other people in various ways.

Still, Ugly Betty was beautifully written and I commend the director and producers for using real settings in making the series. They could have gone with a daily series using sets or fake offices and houses like most sitcoms use. However, they  increased quality with technical details of Betty’s professional life. They tackled a lot of details like homosexuality, fashion industry, love and life issues disguised in dizzying and entertaining plots.

Final Goodbye to Ugly Betty

Instead of a jilted lover scenario, the series had a perpetual and effective contrabida, Wilhelmina. The cast were very good. I will really miss Marc, Amanda, Christina, Suarez family, Meade family, Betty’s friends and some foes and the whole Mode magazine.

Whew, this was a long post. I think, like Betty, I’m ready to hit the play button and watch a great series finally end.


P.S. If anyone knows Salma Hayek or the director and producers of Ugly Betty, please CONVINCE them to make another season puhleeeeeeze (Okay, I’m not totally ok and haven’t pressed the play button). Or a movie! America Ferrera I love you!!!! Nooooooooo!

Wow, I’m really addicted to the series that I’m having Ugly Betty withdrawal symptoms just thinking about “NOT” being able to see another episode anymore.

I still can’t bear to play the last second of the last episode of the last season of Ugly Betty.



It seems I’m not the only one missing Ugly Betty! America Ferrera is still affectionately known as “Ugly Betty” and I do hope the producers will change their mind and spin another season.


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