Currently Addicted To: Fossil Dragon of Dragon City

Fossil Dragon

Fossil Dragon by Zentau7 (

I’m so loving this new dragon! This time Dragon City has  used their potions game. It’s annoying and costly. So far there are two dragons that can’t be obtained through breeding. The first one is the Butterfly Dragon and now this, the Fossil Dragon.

An Overview of the Dragon City Potions Game

There are three magicians with various success rates and costs.

  • 1st Magician – Free = LOW PROBABILITY
  • 2nd Magician – 5k gold = 50% PROBABILITY
  • 3rd Magician – 20 gems = 100% PROBABILITY

If you really want the Fossil Dragon you’d have to get 10 potions. Don’t worry about spending your potions, each game you play the number of potions remain the same. If in the previous game you had 8 potions, for the Fossil Dragon game you will still have 8 potions.

UPDATE: The potions game was bugged before, potions should disappear every game, the new update might have destroyed all potions (mine are gone as of 8/23/2012 11pm) 😦

I’m not sure though if the potions will disappear once you’ve reached 10 potions.

Oh, and you get to keep the eggs if you reach 5 and 7 potions.

I’m hoping that Dragon City will put up those unique dragons again in potion games.

Of course you could spend gems to get those dragons. 10 potions equal 200 gems. You need to use your time wisely since the 3 day limit will only give you 12 tries because each try will require a 6 hour period wait.

If you have cash to burn (which I don’t have right now), you could stop the wait for another 20 gems.


Hopefully I’ll get that Fossil Dragon this week!




  1. Seth Payumo Said:

    i lost my 7 potions

    • megalomax Said:

      Hi Seth!
      I’m sorry to hear that. I received several emails saying that their potions disappeared. Also a couple of emails saying they still had their potions. I cleared it up with the game admin recently, there’s a small glitch in the system. The potions should disappear after every game.

      😦 I don’t think I’ll get my Fossil Dragon if I don’t spend gems.

  2. oh my flower dragon city i will request to give me a legendary dragon and fossil dragon

    • megalomax Said:

      keep on trying!

      I almost got fossil dragon but ran out of time.

  3. hi megalomax this is evan jade ano-os padrique what level can i get a fossil dragon

    • megalomax Said:

      Hi jade, there’s no particular level in getting the Fossil dragon. it’s was available as a potions game, same as the carnival game today.

    • megalomax Said:

      It’s social empires. Just reach level 10. good luck! incidentally, check the cyber dragon, you must have played Social wars which gives you Cyber dragon.

  4. Ange Vallo Said:

    im not happy with the result of playing social wars after i reach the level 20 the fossil dragon in dragon city is gone..where did it goes????im hoping to get it back..and also with my boyfriend same story as well..err

    • Ange Vallo Said:

      i need your reply please..

    • megalomax Said:

      hi, you might need to wait 24 hours or after server time change. Although I think for social wars, it’s not fossil dragon. I’m not so sure. Check the eggs again and see what game you need to play to get the dragon.

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