Currently Addicted To: My Legendary Dragons

How to Get a Legendary Dragon

I Have Two Legendary Dragons – TWO OF THEM!

It’s been days since I’ve posted something and yes my addiction to Dragon City still  remains strong as ever!

This time I got two legendary dragons! TWO! A lot of my friends have been asking me how I got them.

Here’s how to get Legendary Dragons in Dragon City:

  1. Get the Ultra Breeding Tree
  2. Breed two Coolfire dragons

And that was it!

Actually you just need to breed two rare dragons just to get Legendary dragons of any type. The rare dragons are as follows:

  • Soccer Dragon
  • Cool fire Dragon
  • Poo Dragon
  • Gummy Dragon
  • Armadillo Dragon
  • Petroleum Dragon
  • Pirate Dragon

All you have to do is breed any two of the dragons above and get your legendary dragon. There are actually several Legendary Dragons.

  • Legendary Dragon – I guess the easiest to get
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Mirror Dragon
  • Wind Dragon

Advantages of legendary dragons

  • The Legendary Habitat – Largest gold capacity habitat, up to 750,000 gold
  • Highest gold per minute – You can get as high as 500 gold per minute
  • Pure type in combat – Pure type has only one weakness, other pure type dragons. You can use a legendary dragon and take down 2 opponent dragons.
  • Breed for Pure dragons – I’ve been drooling at getting those pure dragons!

Disadvantages of Legendary Dragons

  • Legendary Habitat Dragon Capacity – You can have only 1 dragon per legendary habitat.
  • Expensive food upgrade – It’s a bit more expensive than regular dragons
  • Pure type attack – Attack doesn’t score critical hits except for pure types
  • Long breeding and hatching times – Takes about 12 hours to breed and 48 hours to hatch!

Now that I have two Legendary Dragons, I can now try and breed for Pure dragons!

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