Currently Addicted To: PSBank Customer Service

PSbank electronic credit card

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Sometime ago I posted about how I got a PSBank Prepaid Master card. This time I got to see how great the PSBank customer service is!

As a Prepaid credit card, I was able to purchase a lot of things. However, it can’t be helped when odd things like a poor ISP (hate you globe wimax!) causes problems with the purchase. In my case, a lag caused my card to be billed twice. I also got billed by Paypal (tried verifying my card).

Anyway to cut my story short, I got to call PSBank customer service using their Globe number.

PSBANK Contact Number GLOBE/TOUCH MOBILE Customer Service Numbers
(63915) 825-2191
(63927) 363-2534

In just a matter of days, my failed transactions were corrected! I got my money back.

I just love my PSBank Prepaid Mastercard!


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