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Arr!!! I want the unique Butterfly Dragon of Dragon City! Okay calm down, maybe I shouldcheck and see what options I have in getting it!

It’s a unique dragon which means you can’t breed dragons to get it! Dragon City is frustrating and addicting at the same time.

So far there is only one way to get the Butterfly Dragon and that’s to play the minigame that they’ve setup. The offer will only last for another 2 days so hurry up!

Dragon City

The unique Butterly Dragon of Dragon City

As you can see, you have to play a game called dragon spell. You can hire three magicians to help you search for spell books in exchange for three dragons namely Tropical Dragon, Blizzard Dragon and Star Dragon or the unique Butterfly Dragon of Dragon City. The magician can be hired with the following fees. First is the “free” magician but with very low probability of getting any spell book, the 5,000 gold presents a medium chance of getting a spell book. Finally the gem paid magician which guarantees 100% success rate.

How to Get the Butterfly Dragon

  1. Do not ever use the “free” option! It has the lowest chance! Once you click it, you will have to wait for 5 hours to be able to hire another magician.
  2. The 5,000 gold magician presents a 50% or so chance at getting spell books. Remember you need to get 10 spell books for the Butterfly Dragon!
  3. Dragon city also has the gem hired magician. It costs some amount of gem and if you feel like wasting your purples go click it. But do so sparingly, the number of spell books you can get is random!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As I have not yet actually gotten a spell book, I don’t know if each successful try will net a random number of spell books or only 1 spell book. If it’s just 1 spell book,  it means you need approximately 50 hours of 100% chance to get 10 spell book Someone who already got the dragon posted that he used 200 gems to get the butterfly dragon. That’s a lot actually. If it’s indeed 1 spell book per try, you need to have used 1 try at 100% chance at the start of the event. Cause 50 hours is roughly 2 days and 2 hours!

So far this is the first unique dragon I’ve seen and it might be the only chance that I can get it! I wonder if anyone has managed to get one already.

Good luck Dragon tamers!




  1. Awesome, New Dragon City Hack Tool for Free Download, Increase your Wood, Germs, Food …

    C.A.T. does not advocate the use of Hack Tools

    • does it have the pass word an stuff cause i got the hack tool before an couldnt get the passcode you could open it then you had to have a passcode an the only way you could get it was with suveys tons of them an i couldnt never get it so be careful an i hate passcodes.thanks tinna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • megalomax Said:

        Um, no there are no passcodes.

        and NO C.A.T. does not advocate the use of HACK TOOLS.

        The event has finished 😦 I didn’t get it.

    • i mean i hate surveys not passcodes sorry !!!!!!!

  2. shelly Said:

    i got a butterfly dragon and don’t know how. But it doesn’t show up on the book list of collections

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      I think the butterfly dragon is a prize/gem dragon. Those dragons don’t show up usually.

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