Currently Addicted To: Dragon City – How to get the Paladin Dragon

dragon city facebook logo

Dragon City Facebook Splash Picture

Whew facebook game Dragon City is totally addicting! In fact Facebook reports that almost 4.4 million people play the game. It is also the top rated game under Adventure category. Also it’s a top trending game! Like I said, Dragon City can be played like a casual game and it was what attracted me to it.

Right now I’m totally in love with my newest dragon!

How to get Paladin Dragon

The majestic Paladin Dragon of Dragon City

Look at it’s confident grin! My friends were very surprised at how I got it though. It seems that they didn’t visit the Egg section of the market. Getting the Paladin Dragon in Dragon City is actually easy.

How to get the Paladin Dragon in Dragon City

All you have to do is play the game Social Empire and get to level 10. Wait for the server time change (approximately 12 midnight) and refresh both games or open Dragon City again. You’ll see the Paladin Dragon Egg can be clicked.

He’s one of the coolest looking dragons with a nice animation sequence albeit a bit funny.

There’s another dragon that you can get for free but I won’t spoil it for you. Explore Dragon City and get dragons like the Paladin Dragon!



  1. lloyd Said:

    but im level ten in social empires when i push get dragon it just said that play now social empires

    • megalomax Said:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment.

      you have to wait for the server time change. Usually it’s 12 midnight.

      • thats ok can i have a request can you give me a paladin dragon my name is evan jade padrique on facebook. thanks in advance.

      • megalomax Said:

        wish I could but I’m not a game admin 😦 sorry

  2. Jonathan Said:

    I’ve been level 11 in social empires for 4 days and it still won’t let me get the paladin dragon.

    • megalomax Said:

      For that, do send a message to the game admins. They’ll be able to help you. So far I got mine after 24 hours.

  3. thank you what is the website of the game admins

  4. ahmm what is the game i would play to get a paladin dragon

    • tibo Said:

      do u guy know how to breed legendary dragon


      • megalomax Said:

        It’s random by breeding two unique dragons such as petroleum dragon and pirate dragon. Or soccer dragon.

  5. mza Said:

    how about i reached level 10 at SE on 12 midnight? do i have to wait 12 midnight the next day to get the egg??

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Thanks for your question.

      Per experience, I got mine after 24 hours. However some players report different times. Server traffic might interfere however YOU WILL get the Paladin Dragon, just wait for a while.

      If you still haven’t got Paladin Dragon after 2 days or so, you can contact the game developer. They can add the dragon manually to your inventory.

      NOTE: The dragon won’t appear directly. Some players complained about not getting the dragon. It so happens that you can find the paladin egg in your inventory so if you happen to have a lot of stuff in your inventory you might not spot it immediately.

  6. Addy Said:

    I love dragon city but it keeps glinting somebody needs to fix it because I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this game

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Hi! I regularly play now and then. Support the game by purchasing gems so they can use it to make the game better. 🙂

  7. Addy Said:

    I mean glitching

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