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I will always be a gamer. But I’m not a hardcore gamer, I prefer casual gaming and Dragon City is my new fave. Of course since it’s an MMO you can’t easily cheat in Dragon City however the game is getting popular.

A couple of friends sent me invites to this game several months ago. Unfortunately, my laptop wasn’t upgraded during that time and I experienced a whole lot of lag while playing the game. I quit after politely accepting the requests to help my friends in the game.

Then I got my RAM upgrade and I chanced upon the game again. I had fun getting new dragons! It was relatively easy to earn money if you were only patient enough to wait. What I like about the game is that most of the features can be obtained without buying the gems or using real money. In fact, most of the gems you need will be given by the game itself. You can earn a lot of in game currency by completing quests and competing in the mini games such as the Dragon City League and Dragon City Coliseum.

Breeding Dragons

I specially love breeding dragons. Although I had to use this Dragon City Breeding guide to help me get the right dragon, sometimes I just pick two crazy looking dragons and breed them. There are dozens of dragons to get from the iconic fire breathing winged dragons to insane looking dragons such as the Mojito Dragon or the Battery Dragon.

Getting the dragon eggs themselves is a delight. Some of the eggs are beautifully made and give a simple hint at what type of dragon will hatch from them.

Dragon Eggs

Of course, the dragons themselves are beauties. Some range from the typical winged lizard to crazy looking dragons like the Ice Cube dragon. Here are my top 5 Dragons in Dragon City so far.

The Waterfall Dragon

I just love the concept of this dragon. Also I think the design is cool. As you can see, each dragon has a set of attacks and weaknesses. You will be using a lot of thinking when making up your team of dragons to fight other players and participate in the coliseum.

The Medieval Dragon

The Medieval Dragon looks awesome with its plate armor and fire. You can breed it with another dragon to get a special type of dragon.

The Platinum Dragon

The Platinum Dragon looks so badass. It’s also one of my strongest dragon that I use in battles.

The Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon is another peculiar dragon presumably made with the precious stone Jade. It has one of the most longest animation in the game. The dragon lights up and starts swirling around in white and green light.

Bulbasaur! J/k It’s Nenufaur Dragon

Lastly, this Nenufar Dragon might remind you of the pokemon, Bulbasaur. It has one of the most beautiful dragon attacks in the game.

Feeding your Dragon

In order to raise the dragons, you need  careful balance of creating buildings that houses dragons, feeds them as well as other buildings that enhance or unlock new levels. You need to get the right number of buildings for you because the game has only 4 islands for you to build on. Each time you buy a new island, the costs get higher until you have to spend real money to purchase the next island.

dragon city islands

My dragon city islands.

Still, Dragon City is great for casual gamers like me. Just harvest the gold and food every now then, breed dragons, hatch eggs and enjoy your dragon city!

4  and a half CP

I rate this game 4 and a half C.A.T. points. 0.5 less from perfect because of some minor bugs especially a double purchase that was charged to my credit card. (Yes, I succumbed to buying in game currency)




  1. Candy Bertrand Said:

    Would you be desirous about exchanging hyperlinks?

    • megalomax Said:

      sure I guess

  2. christian Said:

    I love C.A.T.

  3. nida Said:

    how to breed a soccer

    • megalomax Said:

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. You can get a soccer dragon by breeding Medieval Dragon and Cool Fire dragon. Actually there’s a list of dragons you can breed to get Soccer dragon. Click this link Of course, Luck plays an important role.

  4. Nofal Said:

    How to breed cool fire dragon

    • lanceloyola Said:

      fire and alpine

  5. Dawam Nofal Said:

    how to breed a Coolfire dragon

    • megalomax Said:

      To those who asked about breeding coolfire, I got mine with Vulcano and Alpine Dragon.

      • Dawam Nofal Said:

        my brother breed alpine and vulcano= snowflake

      • Dawam Nofal Said:

        and my brother breed vulcano+alpine=earth dragon

  6. Dawam Nofal Said:

    how to breed gummy dragon

  7. Dawam Nofal Said:

    how to breed a Gummy dragon?

  8. Dawam Nofal Said:

    how to breed a legendary dragon

  9. saga abner Said:

    breed of legendary dragon soccer+coolfire or gummy

  10. daisy dotollo Said:

    how to breed pirate dragon

    • megalomax Said:

      Wow, I’m still getting questions about this one.

      I got mine with Waterfall Dragon and Dark using Ultra Breeding Tree.

      Cloud and Neon also works.

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