Currently Addicted To: Neil Etheridge Azkal and Fullham Goal Keeper

While Akihiro Sato was my 2010 (till date) addiction, my heart still has room for another guy. He’s Neil Etheridge and as you can see, he’s definitely a 10 on the hottie chart!

Neil Etheridge Pictures

Guess who?

More facts about Neil Etheridge after the jump

Source: Neil Etheridge Wikipedia page

Full Name: Neil Leonard Dula Etheridge
Birthday: February 7, 1990

Born in February 7, 1990, Neil Leonard Dula Etheridge lived in Enfield Town, England. He has a British father Martin Etheridge and Filipina Merlinda dula from Tarlac.

Currently Neil is playing for Azkals as the goal keeper. He is also a reserve goal keeper for Fullham.

I’ve been twitting Neil through his official Neil Etheridge twitter account and have been hoping that Twitter authenticate it. He is currently in a relationship with Fran Jackson (twitter account here). So far they seem to be a very happy couple. Yes, she broke a lot of hearts but the fandom have taken to her like fish to water. She’s so bubbly in her tweets that not many broken-heart fangirls (and fanboys) could stay angry at her.

I know you’ve been waiting for this. I feel kinda guilty with this one. Yes, I’ve literally HOARDED a lot of pictures of Neil Etheridge! Naked skin (just kidding), some pictures show a lot of skin. Hmmm…

Yes, I’m an Etheridge addict! As to how I became to be a Neil Etheridge fan, it’s actually funny. I read about an unpleasant article about a female model being “raped” by 4 Azkal players, it was made into a sports related scandal. Neil Etheridge was one of them. Although Neil is a red-blooded male and “might” have participated with a certain act with the model, I believe it was highly consensual. Seriously, that smile, body and charm. Who wouldn’t?



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