Holla! I am back!

sunrise from sxc.hu


Life changes seriously put a cramp to my blogging. I promptly forgot about this little blog of mine. Funny thing, I was searching for things I like and suddenly this blog came up and I clicked it.

At first I was like “Whoa I love these stuff”

Then I realized “Hey this is mine!”

So it took me a couple of weeks of guessing my username for this blog.

I could have created a new one but I can’t use the Solipsus theme anymore and yes I LOVE THIS THEME AND I WON’T GIVE IT UP!

Anyway, life has been great. C.A.T. was supposed to chronicle stuff in my life that I really find addicting. So most of my blogs will be about good stuff, or bad depending on how people view them.

Ciao for now, meow!


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