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I just got a Google + invite from a friend! At first I was skeptical though. Don’t get me wrong, I love using Google products. I have a Gmail account (I still have my invite only account), Blogspot, Youtube, Adsense and Adwords. However, in terms of social networking, Google’s Wave and Buzz didn’t impress me that much. But what the heck, I tried it anyway and I was BLOWN AWAY by the features!

I loved how it has the news stream column and user profile the same as other social networking sites out there. However, Google+ has several unique features which beat the rest.


First is the super friendly “Circles”. Instead of lists of friends, circles allows you to group friends easily. The drag and drop style is fun to watch and using it is a breeze. If ever you want to share something and want it to reach a group of people, you can use circles. You can add the same friend to different circles. There’s even a circle for blocked friends. For easy portability, you can add friends from the gmail account you signed up, your yahoo and hotmail. Unfortunately, you can only use one gmail account to pull contacts from. Google hasn’t added an option to pull contacts from other Gmail accounts.


Next is “Sparks”. If you have a specific interest, just type it in sparks and stick it to your home menu for easy access. When you use sparks, you are automatically connected to the thousands of users browsing and posting in sparks. Example, if you like to go to the Gym, just input gym and content from users that posted “Gym” will be made available. Can’t find the interest you are in? Be the first to post it in Sparks!


Hangouts is another Google+ first. Feeling lonely but don’t want to intrude? You can create a hangout and wait for others to join in! The best part is, it’s multi video conferencing!

Privacy Control

Privacy is also topnotch with Google+. Making your account private is highly interactive.  Just click something in your profile and Google asks you what you want. You can dictate the Circle that can be visible on your profile, the sparks, and even news stream.

The only thing missing from Google+ right now are applications and games. If Google+ will be able to host the games that are already popular in other social Networking sites, an exodus would be imminent.

Population wise, Google+ is considerably small. There’s no sign up page yet and in order to be able to join, you have to have a friend invite you. Once you’re a member, you can invite others using Circles or manually send invites to friends who aren’t in your email contacts.

Despite the positive things I see about Google+, I do have something else to comment though. Maybe Google should have used another name to imprint their brand. GP  sounds like the currency of Final Fantasy games.


P.S. Comment with your email address (format name at gmail dot com) and get an invite to Google+!

P.P.S. Google just made it so only those with a GMAIL account can get invites and start Google+. So if you don’t have gmail, it’s more than easy enough to create one. Your emails in the comment will be edited before approval to avoid spam.

Ciao meow!


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  1. Mario Said:

    Hows about an invite, (email sent)…

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