Getting back online!

I had a roller coaster life a year ago. To the few who managed to find my blog, YAY! Thanks for visiting me! For the loyal readers out there who just want to see what I’m addicted to, a big THANK YOU for being still here.

Fast forward to now, I’d like to thank my new internet service provider for giving me the best possible internet service in my hermit cave of a home out in the boondocks in the Philippines. And by that I had no choice in getting a BETTER internet service and seriously, beggars can’t be choosy. So I have a Globe Wimax 1 Mbps subscription. Globe graciously provided me a Huwaei BM 622i modem and antenna.

I had the internet connection up and running since June 26, 2011 and so far I only gave me a couple of hours worth of headaches. Will be posting a complete review of it soon.

As for me and this blog. Let’s say I have big plans for this!

Ciao meow! C.A.T.

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