Currently Addicted To: Backyard Monsters Cheats Free Playing!

You heard it right. For those of you who came here trying to find Backyard Monsters hacks or Backyard Monsters cheats, then you’re out of luck! I’m playing the game without cheats! I actually have been playing the game for about 9 months now.  I wasn’t able to catch it when it was still called Desktop Monsters though. The game combines somewhat like a real time strategy game almost like star craft mixed in with browser MMO like Utopia.

The Facebook game Backyard Monster might not be the most popular game in the website however, it takes it’s fair share of players as the game is constantly evolving! I was on a 4 month hiatus due to work schedules and during my free time I took a look at how my monsters were faring. At first, I found my whole base decimated. It felt like a Backyard Monster hacker took advantage of my absence and lay waste what I called my Alcatraz defense. Seriously, even a horde of D.A.V.E. monsters (strongest normal monster in the game), would have a hard time getting through the first line of defense. I was ready to holler Backyard Monster cheats in the discussion boards.

When I sat down and played the game again, I found the real reason. The game had evolved in the relatively short time I was away! Here’s a quick summary.

There are new normal monsters available! A moth like monster has been added and is capable of evading most tower attacks and walls! That wormlike creature can burrow and pass through walls to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. The best normal monster added however is the eerie like blue eyed monster that can heal your monster during combat raids! Another update by Backyard Monster is the addition of the champion.

Just a little bit of a teaser. This is one of the three Champions that can attack any monster that goes near your base. This one is in its infancy though. The three are divided into a tank (strong defense), striker (strong attack) and buffer (increase stats). You can choose whatever you like. That little blue guy above is the tank.

There are also a whole lot of new buildings. This is just one of them. It’s the monster laboratory. It’s kind of like the monster academy except that the upgrades are cooler. The level cap of the defensive towers also was increased, there’s an aerial tower to target flying monsters and finally, the best upgrade of them all.Blocks upgrade! You can now upgrade ALL of your blocks in one click using shiny! As soon as I load up, I’m upgrading to the Backyard Monster Black diamond WALLS! Now you see that there’s no point in cheating Backyard Monsters. With a little bit of planning and judicious use of resources, you can overtake those who buy shiny. Then again, you might ask yourself, what if I get attacked a lot? That’s the point of the game, in Backyard Monsters, you can have allies, make truce and more!

The only downside so far is that Philippine players can’t harvest mushrooms which have shiny it it. Rumors were flying around that Dave, found that Philippine players tend to harvest shiny a lot and never buy shiny.

I’ve been playing the game regularly now and I hope you’re one of my neighbors! Peace?




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