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Okay so Lost Finale was a downer since the cohesiveness of the plot was lost in by 3rd season. The ending was cheesy and poorly written as “purgatory”. Japanese writer Tamura Yumi actually made a better story plot and get this, she wrote and drew the manga on 2001 beating the first airing of lost on September 2004! Reading the manga made me realize that LOST writer may have stumbled upon Tamura Yumi’s manga and drew inspiration on that.

7-seeds is a chilling manga that started first with 7 people and 1 watcher. The cast of characters, 5 at first, find themselves waking up in a sinking ship in the middle of a storm. They remember sleeping in their own beds, not getting on the ship so, left with no choice but to abandon ship and find land, the characters are marooned in a weird island where plants devour animals, insects prey on all and animals go brutal among themselves. 3 members join the cast and the watcher explains to the bewildered group, project 7-seeds.

The story rapidly gains ground as they are not the only group marooned on the island, other groups have been released as well on various times such as a month or even 15 years before. There are 4 groups in total named as Team Summer, Team Spring, Team Autumn and Team Winter all scattered on the island at different times. To what purpose are they is written by Tamura Yumi as she pulls through Lost plot  with characters, dramatic past, tedious present and unknown future.

7-seeds presents a different level of paranoia of waking up far from your bed, where survival outweighs trust and how time is precious. Every second of it.

To summarize…. I LOVE IT!

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