Slaughter the World | Richard Spoofs Ariel by | With Lyrics! or Looking For Group is a webcomic by Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza and the members of the Blind Ferret team. The video is actually old, posted in August 2007. The animation is all about a very infamous character of LFGcomic, the Undead Warlock named Richard.

Video of Slaughter the World sung by Richard, the Undead Warlock

Slaughter the World Lyrics by Ryan Sohmer

Excitement abounds
I almost can’t wait
Relax, I don’t want your baby
I already ate
Though I do tend to generally kill
Kill things that don’t fight back
I see this village
What does it hold?
What shall I butcher them with
Fire or cold?
Running from me sure you’d think
‘He’s a pathological bloodthirsty homicidal maniac!’
I’d kill kittens and puppies and bunnies
I’d maim toddlers and teens and then more
You see a wife? I see a widow
But what then?
Can’t you see?
I’d kill for!
I want to incinerate and decapitate
I want to melt
Want to melt some faces
Watching the peasants…what do they call it?
I suppose that being undead there’s not much to life
A soul is needed for loving…feeling…
How does this all not make me…what’s that word again?
You’ve nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run
Your village will burn like the heart of the sun!
With infinite glee
It’s going to be me
That slaughters the world!
How could I glare into these eyes
And then not stab them?
How could I stare at their loss
And then not laugh?
I’d cut him in half
Then I’d graft
His head back onto his shoulders
Or after I’d lop it
I’d make a puppet
On top of a staff!
I am a lord that is sometimes bored
Have some urges and need to fulfill them
After my mayhem I simply don’t…what’s the word?
The stench in the air
The smell of the gore
The carnage far greater than any war
My legacy
Death becomes…me!
I’ll slaughter the world

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