Currently Addicted To: Dead Fantasy (Fan Video) by

Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy 8 VIII picture fanart

Rinoa Heartilly Fanart by

These fanvids by Montyoum will literally BLOW you away!!! You just have to watch the videos to know what I’m talking about! There are 5 videos finished by Montyoum. -WARNING- videos are decidedly violent and some are really bloody. If you don’t like those stuff, may I suggest reading more of my blog?

Dead Fantasy 1 by Montyoum

Dead Fantasy 2 by Montyoum

Dead Fantasy 3 by Montyoum

Dead Fantasy 4 by Montyoum

Dead Fantasy 5 by Montyoum

Hook line and sinker! Can’t wait for part 6! Thanks Montyoum!

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