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As if isn’t already addictive enough, I now need an hourly fix from zOMG! I’ve been a “Gaian” since 2004, although I’ve stopped playing it because it was boring just posting in forums to get gold to outfit your avatar. Barely have a decade after, started making use of mini webgames, introduced more interactivity with the users. Flash games were a BIG plus to the website, and by directly linking ITEMS from flash games to avatars, players were able to enjoy the game more. Users ultimately influenced the creation of NPC (non-playable characters) that came from stories that users sometimes made up via Gaia fan fiction.

Then came Gaia Towns, it’s like the Yoville version in Facebook, except that Gaia Towns has been for quite some time online before Yoville. Gaians were able build houses for their avatars and literally explore neighborhoods. Now here comes zOmg, It’s like an offshoot of Gaia Towns. Since zOmg ( is a flash game, there is no need to download a client/program. Nifty, though you’d need a fast internet connection and some serious RAM hardware as well as video card but it’s well worth it!

What makes zOmg unique from those keyboard bashing, mouse clicking games is the concept of the ring system. Max 8 rings, there are a lot of rings available from melee rings, ranged rings, support rings, status rings etc etc. Just imagine Lord of the Rings meets Captain Planet. It might be a couple of genres apart but hey, zOmg by made it happen! I also like how the website storyline of is integrated into the game by making user created NPCs from various storylines be available as NPCs. In fact, the whole world of Gaia originally drafted for forum boards interaction is used in zOmg! What you earn in website can be used in zOmg and VICE VERSA!

Sign-up here to start playing zOmg MMO by Currently Addicted To recommends it!

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  1. goma Said:

    A 2004 Gaian here, sometimes parks at the Rally and when in the mood for bashing animated lifeless mobs, zOmg is the place to be. From its forum posting before (and even until now), Gaia never fails to surprise users like me. zOmg was like a dream come true to all of us who wanted our avatars come to life! Much as I’m a fan of Ragnarok Online, Gaia made it even so enjoyable when I get to enjoy leveling up with fellow Gaians, acquire awesome skills and tons of challenging quests!

    Hope to see you guys around and feel free to add me up on Gaia!

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