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Highschool of the Dead Volume 1 Cover by

Highschool of the Dead is a manga written by Daisuke Sato and drawn by Shouji Sato. This manga has a fast paced zombie apocalypse storyline but somehow went of the track as it started in a highschool setting but quickly developed into a country wide epidemic. Still, the manga has that fast growing character element that quickly over come their fears and gain strength versus the birth of stronger enemies and near to impossible situations that continually test the characters even if they have grown.

UnlikeThe Zombie Hunters Webcomic, Highschool of the Dead doesn’t have any specific zombie strains or species. The manga draws its strength from the facial expressions, cliche scenes and displays of human attitude, personality and survival instincts.

Expect a lot of blood and gore in this one. Lots of the civillians die and there are some situations where you would think you could have done better if you were in their shoes. Cameo appearances of Condoleeza Rice, George Bush and scenes from Resident Evil and a T-shirt bearing the name 28 Years Later.

The manga has been on hiatus since 2008 only this February2010, authors announced an end to the hiatus plus an anime on the works! I’m so happy it came back! Like what I’ve posted in Currently Addicted To: The Zombie Hunter, I’m fascinated with zombie apocalypse stories and end of the world survival plot with mutants roaming around. It’s sick but I like stories of a dark beginning but leading to friendship and working together and starting all over again.

Read the manga series HighSchool of the Dead hosted in with the latest chapter!

Note: Please buy the original manga if you can. I can’t read Japanese and the manga rarely gets sold in Philippine bookstores.



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  1. I love HOTD, I flipped when the Manga came out of Hiatus and am all about the story so far. You called the scenes cliche’, well Zombies in General are Cliche’, So many people have instantly become addicted to this show because they have actually breathed some new life into a walking corpse, literally. The tongue in cheek name is itself an homage to Romero, letting you know from the get go it knows its cliche’. I love that about this show. Its like when i was growing up watching the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Raphael would often look right through the screen and tell us, “Kids, remember. Don’t try this at Home.” I can tell you have an affinity for zombies too, so i hope i am not being heavy handed. What else do you think of the Zombies themselves. I for one feel grateful a new series that ‘They’ are classic slow moving Romeroesque zombies, though they are blind.

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