Currently Addicted (again) To: The Cardigans (a.k.a. Anti-addict to Justin Bieber)

The Cardigans is a band from Sweden and has been singing great songs since 1992. One of my favorite songs is their “Love Fool”! Listen and watch the original video BEFORE scrolling down to the rest of my post! Lyrics of the song Love Fool here.

I remembered the song because I heard on M.O.R. 99.1 (ABS-CBN) Justin Bieber’s rip-off song “Love Me” which really sounds like The Cardigans “Love Fool”. He sang the chorus in an almost lifeless auto-tone (mimicking Lady Gaga’s style) that was just pepped up by the music. Listen how Justin’s “Love Me” just basically murders The Cardigan’s “Love Fool”

Can’t he get his own material?




  1. […] her words are clear and melodic unlike her usual auto-tone chorus style that was poorly copied by Justin Bieber in his song “Love Me”. Watch and listen to the […]

  2. Pine Desk · Said:

    Justin Bieber and Charice are two of my favorite teen singers these days, they are really talented singers ::

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