Was Addicted To: Rfonline (Philippines)

I got addicted to this game Open Beta, I believe it was released 2006 or 2005 of October. My cousin tricked me into playing Cora cause he was an Accretian. Oh well, I loved Cora for the brains it needed to play it. Unlike button mashing accretians or the tax evasive bellatos. Read on.

RFOnline or Rising Force Online (not Romance and Fantasy Online LOL) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) about a war between 3 races. Bellato Fedaration, Cora Alliance and Accretian Empire. What makes the game unique from most MMORPG is the element of extreme XENOPHOBIA of the three races. The game enforces the xenophobia with the different appearances of the races. I also like the cliche reference of the “FORCE” divided into HOLY and DARK.

Accretians are like androids, appealing to gamers who like big Hi-tech siege guns. They can’t use the FORCE but have amazing accessories, weapons and armors. Their specialty are the extremely powerful siege guns with siege kits. A properly equipped Accretian gunner can kill any Bellato and Cora with just one CHAIN ROCKET skill at a very long range. If you are a button masher, go for Accretians. Just click and destroy.

Bellatos look like small humans, the “techies” of the game but they are not dwarves; Bellatos look like small kids wielding guns and swords. Bellatos compensate their small size with expensive hulking Massive Assault Unit (MAU) which look like Accretians on steroids. MAUs are like external armor which can give out whopping damage and have HP of 100,000 and above. They also wield the HOLY force which can increase defense, elemental resistance, health and mana regen, extend those buffs permanently and insane healing spells. Bellatos require a lot of financial thinking, as MAUs tend to be very expensive to repair, maintain and even BUY.

Corites are tall humanoids that look like “elfin”.  They exude grace and beauty even when doing the dreaded FULL SWING skill. Corites command the Dark force which can boost their spells, replenish their mana and summon other planar beings called Animus. There are four Animus available to Corites. Inana, heals the summoner and allies at the cost of her life. Paimon carries a big blunt sword and grows in size, primarily a defense Animus that can take a lot of damage. Hecate deals out rapid fire attacks that can stun most players, damage is elemental and moderate. Isis is the prize of the Corites, it is beautiful as it is deadly. The Isis wields elegant gold twin sai that can rip out hunks of HP from Accretians and Bellatos alike. Corites needs critical thinking, when to employ the proper Animus at different situations.

Whew looking at those pictures makes me want to play RFonline again!

~Hyperram lvl 48 Corite Faust

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