Currently Addicted To: Bo’s Coffee (Limketkai Mall)

Bo's Coffee Tuna Sandwich Brazo de Mercedez and Bo's Water

Bo’s Coffee Delight! Tuna sandwich and brazo de mercedez washed down with Bo’s Water

No I’m not a coffee addict. I’m just staying here because of the current brownout affecting our area right now. Really the rotating brownouts kinda screws up my life. Can’t do anything about it so my solution is to either toughen out heat and darkness or find someplace else. Bo’s Coffee near Limketkai Mall is my haven of choice.

The coffee is great so says my caffeine-addict friends. I usually drink Cookies and Cream with whipped cream but today I ordered a yummy Tuna Salad Sandwich, an oh so sweet Brazo de Mercedez and Bo’s water to balance my carbs out. With that minimum purchase, I can usually stay for 3-4 hours without feeling guilt as I enjoy the cool environment, observe people and most of all use electricity!

If ever I get bored staying in Bo’s Coffee, I can just take a very short stroll to Rosario Arcade and visit confection shops, bars and a gym or go over to Limketkai Mall and Robinson’s Mall and just go window shopping.

~ CAT | Sipping tea, Earl Grey 🙂


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  1. I am staying in Bo’s Coffee Club, Divisoria Branch together with my colleagues when we are having meetings. Aside from the fact that it is just near our university (Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan) the ambiance is great too.

    nice blog about Bo’s. keep it up.

    Count Clement II

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