Currently Addicted To: Neopets! Walk through / Cheat Guide!

So in my previous addicted post, I blogged about neopets. Here I’m going to post links that will help you to take care of your neopet.

If you don’t have a neopet click here and register

Taking care of your pet is easy albeit, repetitive. If you just log-in to feed your pet and logout without doing anything, then you’ll get bored with neopets easily. The game is not just taking care of your neopets. There are hundreds of minigames and quests all throughout the website. To make some sense with your neopet life, here are a few links to help you on your way.

Note: You can’t visit the following websites if your account is still less than 72 hours old. Standard procedure to protect from account spamming. 🙂

Neopets Daily Visit Guide


  • Soup Kitchen – Visit till your pet is full (click the pot) but if you’re rich, the Soup Fairy won’t let your pet eat
  • Giant Omelette – Grab a free Omelette once a day. Can be fed 3x to your pet
  • Giant Jelly – Grab a free jelly once a day. Can be fed 3x to your pet

Random Items

  • Healing Springs – Visit every now and then (every hour) for various healing items and healing magic
  • Fruit Machine – Yank the lever and see if you win! Gives out random desert food/items
  • Tiki Tack Tombola – Win the grand prize or get a booby prize. Great place for random Mystery Island Items
  • Coltzan’s Shrine – Gives random desert items, neopoints, pet level/status up.  Visit every 12-24 hours (random)

Special locations

  • Neo Bank – Create an account to protect your Neopoints. COLLECT your interest first before depositing/withdrawing anything
  • Neolodge – If your going away for a long time, put your neopet here.
  • Money Tree – Donated items and neopoints are dumped here in real time. Expect MILLIONS of users grabbing for some 10-15 items. So it’s a mad dash and click for the items you want
  • Snowager – A special cave where untold treasures are guarded by an Ice Worm. I’ll leave you to find the special times the Snowager sleeps.

Luck Games (requires payment)

Keep reading my blog for more updates on neopets guides, walk through, cheats and *cough neopets hack cough*

Will set up an email account soon.


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