Currently Addicted To : Hayate the Combat Butler

Drat, couldn’t sleep so I drifted on reading another manga that I’ve been hooked for quite some time. Hayate the Combat butler tells of an impossible story of a young boy with a hundred million something Yen debt. Kenjiro Hata, the author, sets the story line spinning as Hayate  is sold by his parents to the Yakuza to pay off a hundred million Yen debt. He runs away only to be employed as a butler by a mega rich girl named Nagi Sanzen’in who pays off his debt to the Yakuza (and Hayate now owes Nagi a hundred million Yen).

Little does Hayate know that a butler has to do herculean tasks for his master. This includes cooking, cleaning, doing random errands, the occasional rescue from kidnapping, and developing a finishing blow in order to protect his master. Yet somehow Hayate fits well in his new life as the story lightly touches upon the amoral way his (ex) parents brought him up. Hayate has an enormous amount of stamina and a great sense of survival brought about the impossible tasks forced by his happy-go-lucky parents among which was to crawl into a zoo with lions just to fetch food.

The story so far that I’ve read shows Hayate normally growing up as an adolescent despite the abnormal situation in his life, surrounded by impossibly rich friends of Nagi, fending off powerful (if not stupid) assassins after Nagi’s life and of course, earning enough to pay off his hundred million Yen debt.

A must read for people who easily goes into debt. No matter how much the amount, pay it, in whatever way you can. Join me in reading Hayate the Combat Butler in


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