Currently Addicted To : Alter Ego (Online Browser version)

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and redo your choices in life? Want to be reborn again and grow up right? It’s now possible, virtually that is. Alter Ego is a life simulation game that starts with an alter “you” being born to completely unknown parents.

The game is all about decisions that you can choices, but be careful, because you can’t choose the consequences. Been a fatso at adolescence? Die at age 25. Grow up as a slacker? Be poor till the end. The game is a challenge since your choices can be as simple accepting sweets from a stranger (spoiler: which leads you to being kidnapped and killed at a young age) or playing baseball when you’re already too old. The game does have a depressing factor but I’ll leave that for you to find out.

Log on to Http:// and register so that you can play your game again even if you log out. Relive your alter life well! Gerascophobic people (fear of growing old) have to stay away from this game.


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