Currently Addicted To: Ghost Sweeper : Mikami!

Ghost sweeper is a story about a money grubbing, self-centered anti-heroine named Reiko Mikami and her lecherous assistant Tadao Yokoshima who continually harasses her and other female characters in the manga even their secretary, a 300 year old ghost named Okinu.
The manga is very entertaining and addicting with no storyline but having lots of story arcs which develop the main characters and keep on adding new characters in a skillful way that you can’t help but feel lonely for them if they don’t show up again. The new characters themselves are various forms of anti-heroes and anti-heroines such as a former assassin voodoo expert, an evil immortal mad scientist/warlock with an ancient android, a vampire and even the dreaded Kyubi or nine-tailed fox demon.
Published in 1991 till 1999, the 39 volumes written and drawn by Takashima Shiina has set a standard for supernatural comedy genre mangas. It combines Asian primarily Japanese culture, religion and mythology with the West.


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  1. […] I was bored waiting for my usual Manga fix like Naruto and Bleach when I stumbled on the manga “Prison School”. The title intrigued me. I was thinking that it would be like the manga “Battle Royale”.  I was disappointed to read it’s description though. To summarize, the story is about 5 male teenagers in a previously female only school. That meant that there were 200 girls for 1 boy. I thought it was cheesy that the boys were the typical perverted japanese character much like Yokoshima from GhostSweeper Mikami. […]

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