My Prayers to Everyone

The COVID-19 is a big problem to everyone. But still remember to be kind and considerate always.

Meanwhile. Have some eye candy!

2015-09-03 11.22.54

Cute Asian Bears

I don’t know why, but I love bortas! (Bortas would mean Bara in Japanese)

Watching Misfits on Netflix

Watching this TV series. I thought it would be an awkward teen superhero dramedy, I was surprised at the depth of the storyline. The writers did their best to cover any possible plot holes in the story. They did have some clever maneuvering with the character who could time travel. Semi spoiler there for you. I’m just amazed though at how they did it. Normally, a time travel plot can get too unwieldy. Many people would ask why not travel a little bit further to the event that caused all the problems. The writers in Misfits did their best.

Also, I found my next crush.

Currently Addicted To


He’s damn hot!

See ya guys later!

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